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Kate Reum

Solar Reviews

Kate Reum - Solar Reviews

When Solar Reviews started adding satellite offices and remote employees, Kate realized things were getting out of control. As she says;

“I was getting constant questions about employees’ leave asking ‘where am I at, what do I have available’. Managing all the leave requests was taking up a lot of my time. As the number of staff grew, we realized we had employee records and files in multiple places. There was no single source of control, no easy way to make files available to the right people, and there was no real HR plan or process in place.”

“HR Partner has taken a lot off my plate. There are a lot fewer things that I have to micromanage and I know we’re not exposed to making mistakes.”

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Shaun Bailey

Hurricane Power

4 Stars

“I was looking for software to help us track paid time off (leave) and I found software that can help us with dozens of other HR needs that I didn't realize we needed including recruitment, employee documentation, sick day tracking, org charts, onboarding checklists, online employee requests, pay scale tracking, position and location tracking, and much more.”

Amy Graham


Amy Graham - Limcora

Limcora Pty Ltd is a Plumbing & Drainage company located in the Hawkesbury region, near Sydney. They employ around 70 people in a diverse range of roles.

Amy says; “HR Partner has been a wonderful tool for Limcora. Uploading staff documents is super easy and takes no time at all. Having the ability to create a centralised HR system and also create documents that can be signed electronically and on the go, has made HR admin at Limcora much easier and quicker as we no longer require our employees to call in to the office just to sign paperwork!”

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Nadine S

5 Stars

“Intuitive, Affordable and Complete HR Solution. It shows me everything I need to see in a snapshot, whether it's employee specific or company-wide. We save so much time bringing what used to be across so many SharePoint folders is now in one place with HR partner. I also love their super dedicated customer support, it's been ace since we joined.”

Tom R

5 Stars

“HR Partner has streamlined an essential part of our business. It's also really intuitive to use. 10/10 !

Customer service is great! You can either go with a huge faceless company and feel like just another cog or go with HR Partner and feel heard. It also has a great looking and easy-to-use dashboard.”

Kurt Duncan


Kurt Duncan - CallCenterUSA

Running a growing call center with 250 people inevitably means relatively high staff turnover, so a robust HR system is one of the key tools CallCenterUSA needs to run effectively.

Kurt conducted an “exhaustive search” and says he tripped over HR Partner and started a free trial. Interestingly, he says that HR Partner was the only one to reply to questions he had and the responsive support was something that gave him confidence in making the switch. “I submitted a ticket and I was shocked to receive a response within an hour - and this happened every time.”

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Iris Crawford

Medtech Canada

5 Stars

“My team members are very pleased with this software because they find it to be user friendly and a great way to help them manage their leave. Our company uses it primarily to streamline leave management and for tracking processes.

I highly recommend this software for any HR group! I only wish I had learned about it earlier. It would have reduced a lot of unnecessary paper work.”

Angela Harris


Angela Harris - RealGeeks

Real Geeks builds powerful, simple and easyto- use software to help real estate professionals do more business.

Angela says; “HR Partner has been a great tool, especially for our PTO tracking processes. It’s successfully removed the manual labor in tracking PTO for all our employees, streamlines the PTO request process, and keeps records of everything in one place - all in a user-friendly manner.”

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Sally Johnson


Sally Johnson - Philspace

Philspace is a family-run business in the UK that operates a fleet of over 1,700 temporary and portable accommodation units for work sites. They have now been using HR Partner for the last year and Sally loves that their employee data and files are being managed properly. In fact, she says that “we’re using our filing cabinets less and less” - which has to be good for the environment!

“HR Partner saves me a lot of time as everything is in one place. We love the reminders for everything and I feel confident knowing that nothing can fall through the cracks now.”

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Jim Worth


5 Stars

“Really well put together SaaS package. I have used many and have to say this one really is easy to use and has all the features I need.

It can grow with my team and it is flexible enough to cover any changes or updates in my organization.”

Donna Smith

Bligh Tanner

Donna Smith - Bligh Tanner

Founded way back in 1977 as a small family business, Bligh Tanner has grown to be one of the premier residential and commercial plumbing and drainage specialists in the area.

Donna says, “We needed a system that would put security around our processes so that we could feel confident that nothing was falling through the cracks.”

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Louise M

5 Stars

“Very easy to use. Love the reminder feature. At first glance, this system seems quite complex, but in reality it is quite easy to use. Thank goodness for the addition of the documentation feature, as this really helped to get to grips with it. Wish they had a payroll system so we won't have to pay two providers, but it integrates well, with minimal need to update employee details in two places.

The team seems to enjoy using it too, and I like that I can get my HR assistant to help out yet still prevent her from seeing sensitive data.”

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