Employee Portal

Give your team the tools they need to be self-reliant

Empower Employees with the Self-Service Portal

Reduce the constant questions and streamline common processes with the Employee Self-Service Portal

Employee Portal

Allow Employees to Manage their own Records

Enable employees to keep their details up-to-date

Edit Details
  • Employees can add their profile image, contact details, emergency contacts and addresses
  • Employees are also encouraged to add a biography to help other team members get to know them
  • Upload documents and view (designated) documents from their employee record

Access to the Employee Directory

Encourage easy communication between team members

Employee Directory
  • Employees can access the employee directory to see contact details (only those designated as public) and information about each employee such as their position, department, and who they report to
  • They can also see their colleagues biographies to learn more about each other (and help break down communication barriers)
  • Employees can see the organizational chart to get a visual image of where everyone fits in

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Make Leave Requests Simple

Streamline the leave request and approval process

Leave Requests
  • Employees can submit leave requests where they’ll be tracked and can’t go missing
  • Setup you leave request rules to designate who leave requests are sent to (allows for multi-stage leave requests)
  • Employees can easily see their leave balances (without involving you!)
  • Allow employees to see the leave calendar of the whole company, their department, or just themselves
  • Define whether employees are able to apply for more leave than their current balance
  • Define the window for leave requests (eg 1 month previous and 6 months in advance)
  • Employees can see the status of their leave requests

Streamline HR Admin Processes

Get efficient with many other HR tasks – from onboarding to expenses, to timesheets and more

HR Admin Processes
  • All checklists – eg onboarding, offboarding, training, new policies, etc – are completed via the Employee Portal (with email notifications as well)
  • Setup company forms for employees to complete via the Employee Portal – these can be assigned to employees or made available for them when needed
  • Allow employees to submit expense claims via the employee portal
  • Allow employees to submit timesheets for tracking the time they’ve worked
  • Assign eSignature documents to employees and have these completed via the Employee Portal
  • Even include employees on the recruitment panel for specific jobs or set them as leave approvers for other employees

Easy Access to Company Resources

Employees can find everything they need through the Employee Portal

Company Resources
  • Create your Document Library with all the files your employees might need to do their work
  • Make forms available for employees to complete whenever they need them
  • Send out Company News messages (and allow for commenting and reactions)
  • Allow employees to share information between themselves via the Employee Pinboard

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