Custom Forms

Flexibility to streamline more HR processes

Create Forms to Collect Information from Employees

Design your own forms to collect and store information that your company needs

Custom Forms Example

Use Custom Forms to Suit Your Workflows

Custom Forms can be made available to employees, assigned to employees, or included in checklists

Suit Your Workflows
  • Forms can be made available through the Employee Portal for easy access whenever employees need them
  • You’ll be notified of new form submissions and they’re saved to the employee’s record
  • You can also assign forms to specific employees
  • Forms can also be included as part of a checklist – for example you could collect a new employee’s bank account details this way

It’s Easy to Design Custom Forms

Build your forms using the simple form editor

Design Custom Forms
  • Drag and drop the various types of controls onto your form
  • Choose input types like text, numbers, select drop-downs, checkboxes, radio options, file uploads, dates and star ratings
  • Forms can be set to be anonymous
  • Certain fields can link directly to the employee records
  • Setup categories for your forms to keep them organized
  • Choose who is notified when forms are submitted
  • For assigned forms, you can also set the frequency of reminders for employees that haven’t completed them
  • Export your form data to a CSV file for further analysis in a spreadsheet (eg for surveys)

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