Leave Management System

Manage your leave requests, approvals and accruals, seamlessly

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Employee Time-Off Requests

The leave management system in HR Partner allows employees to request time off using the employee portal.

  • Easy for employees to request time off
  • Employees can see their leave balances and the leave calendar (usually set to show for their department but configurable to suit your needs)
  • Choose who the time-off request should be sent to for approval - allows for sending to multiple people
Employee Time Off Requests
Manage Time Off Requests

Manage Time-Off Requests Easily

When time off requests are submitted, the leave management system makes it easy to manage leave approvals.

  • See all time off requests in one place (with email and in-app notifications)
  • Use the leave calendar, employee leave balances, and employee leave history to make decisions about leave approvals easier

Use the Leave Management System to See and Update Leave Balances

  • Easily access a snapshot view of everyone’s leave balances
  • Filter by department, location, position or several other parameters
  • Manually update balances or allocate extra leave as required
See And Update Leave Balances
Leave Management System Configuration

Customise your Leave Policies to suit Your Organization

  • Set up the types of leave that apply to your organization
  • Use upfront or incremental leave accruals, waiting periods, resetting, and more options
  • Make certain types of leave invisible from the employee portal or only applicable for employees in certain locations