Onboarding Checklists

Setup checklists for onboarding, offboarding, training or anything else

Employee Onboarding just got a Whole Lot Easier

Set up your checklist templates once, and then sit back and enjoy your extra time

Employee Onboarding

Create Multiple Types of Checklists

A flexible checklist system that allows you to create checklists for anything you like

Multiple Types of Checklists
  • Set up checklists for any process that requires employees to do several tasks
  • Checklist items can include links to documents, check boxes, file uploads, embedded videos, custom forms, documents for e-signing, and more
  • The most popular usage is for new employee onboarding - you can setup different checklist templates for different types of roles
  • You can also create checklists for; employee offboarding, training (different checklists for each type of training), policy updates, and any other process particular to your business
  • Avoid the avalanche of paperwork and make it simple for employees to know what they need to do
  • Put all materials in one place to make them easy to access (without any printing!)

Stay In Control - and let us do the ‘Nagging’!

Set up your checklists to do the grunt work so that you can focus on other things

Stay in Control
  • Set reminders to automatically follow up employees on items they haven’t completed
  • See at a glance which employees have completed their checklists and which are still outstanding
  • Uploaded files are automatically saved to their employee record
  • Assign tasks to other team members (eg for an employee onboarding checklist, you might have a member of IT setup a computer or HR arrange a lunch)
  • You can also require that some checklist tasks be verified by an Admin member too

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