Employee Onboarding Checklists

It’s easy to manage employee onboarding with HR Partner’s onboarding checklists.

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Employee Onboarding Checklists

Create Checklists for Multiple Purposes

HR Partner includes a flexible checklist system that allows you to create checklists for anything you like. Set up checklists for any process that involves employees going through several steps. This could include;

  • New employee onboarding (you can have different checklists for different types of roles)
  • Employee offboarding checklists
  • Training checklists (different checklists for each type of training)
  • Any other process particular to your business

Create a customized list of items for employees to check off

  • Avoid the avalanche of paperwork and make it simple for employees to know what they need to do
  • Put all materials in one place to make them easy to access (without any printing!)
  • Include reading materials, check boxes, file uploads, embedded videos, and more
Multiple Task Types On Checklist
Full Control Of Checklists

Full control of all your employee checklists

  • See at a glance which employees have completed their checklists and which are still outstanding
  • Assign tasks to other team members (eg for an employee onboarding checklist, you might have a member of IT setup a computer or HR organise a lunch)
  • You can also require that some checklist tasks be verified by an Admin member too