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Watch our library of videos with HR tips for small and medium businesses.

Lots of practical how-to's that you can implement today!


HR Productivity Hacks

If you're involved in HR... Do you feel like you're being pulled in all directions and you never have time for the more important HR work? Don't worry - you're not alone!

Here, we share the key productivity hacks for HR professionals... inspired by people just like you!

We discuss HR Productivity Hacks for...

  • Day-to-Day HR and administration tasks
  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding new employees
  • Creating a powerful Employer Brand
  • HR Policies
  • Learning & Development
  • People & Benefits Management, and
  • Employee Engagement

Performance Management & Goal Setting

Learn how easy it is to create and run performance reviews to take your employees' performance to the next level!

We discuss...

  • The 'Why' Behind Performance Management
  • An Overview of Performance & Goals in HR Partner
  • Tracking Goals & Objectives for Your Team
  • Starting Your Performance Review Process

Real Life HR Management

Listen in as a panel people with HR responsibilities discuss the systems and processes of Human Resources that have made them successful!

We discuss...

  • What their day-to-day roles look like as an HR leader
  • What they have done to aid in their own Human Resources functions
  • How HR software has helped their teams
  • New ideas when using HR Partner
  • What their own Employees have said about having a formal HR process

Time Off & Leave Workshop

See a run through of HR Partner’s Time Off & Leave Module to make your transition as smooth as possible.

We cover...

  • Knowing your Leave Allowances from your Balances
  • Adjusting your Time Off & Leave Displays
  • Setting Up Your Time Off & Leave Policies
  • Bank Holidays
  • Work Day Templates
  • Duration Calculator
  • Leave Housekeeping Tools

The Essentials of Employee Engagement

How’s the Employee Engagement in your company at the moment?
Get some great insights into employee engagement, and more importantly, how to improve it.

We discuss…

  • Exactly what "Employee Engagement" is and why it is so important - for all sized companies
  • The factors that move the needle the most for Employee Engagement
  • Practical how-to's that you can implement this week to improve the Employee Engagement in your company
  • Instructions on how to conduct an employee survey to gauge your Employee Engagement
  • You'll also hear some real-life examples about companies with some creative approaches to employee engagement

How to Create or Improve Your Onboarding Process - even if onboarding new employees remotely

Learn about:

  • The importance of onboarding
  • Best practice tips for planning your onboarding process
  • Practical how-to's to setup a robust onboarding process
  • A list of checklist items to include in your own onboarding process
  • How to get started with an onboarding checklist
  • You'll also hear real-life examples of some creative approaches to onboarding

How to Manage Human Resources... without an HR Department

Jessika Phillips from NOW Marketing Group invited us onto their webinar series to discuss how smaller companies can manage their HR without having dedicated HR resources.

Jessika is passionate about her team and she shares exactly what they do to manage their HR and foster an incredible culture in a services industry. She's also a marketing maven and she and her team have helped many businesses grow through authentic, relationship marketing


How to Improve your interviews - even when interviewing remotely

Here, we discuss...

  • How to effectively run a Virtual Interview
  • Preparing Your Candidates for a Virtual Interview
  • Interview Questions You Should Be Asking
  • Using Applicant Scorecards
  • Conducting Reference Checks
  • Practical tips for real life interviewing
  • Plus more

Recruiting & Hiring Top Talent – Tips for Recruiting in a Remote World

Learn how to get the most from your recruiting efforts – even if recruiting remotely.

Here, we discuss...

  • How to craft job ads to attract the right candidates
  • Where to post your jobs for maximum success
  • How to use application forms to effectively screen applicants
  • Plus, more tips for recruiting remotely

Practical Steps to Transition Towards a Paperless HR Department

Streamline your Human Resources records and become much more efficient in the process!

During this presentation, we discuss;

  • The types of 'paper' to think about eliminating from HR
  • A dive into the HR areas where paper can be reduced or eliminated
  • Tips and tricks on how to speed up the transition towards becoming paperless
  • Tips for creating a 'Paperless Policy' for your workplace