Performance Reviews & Goals

Seamless performance appraisals & goal
tracking to keep everyone focussed

Make Performance Management Easy and Effective

Watch employee performance shine with goals kept top of mind with clear, trackable reviews

Performance Management Overview

Create Your Own Performance Review Forms

Reusable performance review forms allow you to setup performance appraisals to suit your company

Performance Review Forms
  • Create Performance Review Forms with rating scores, open-ended text responses, option selections and more
  • Setup your review forms to collect input from the employee, their manager, specific colleagues, or any combination of these
  • Insights from the employee and/or their peers allows for a more rounded, insightful and productive discussion
  • Setup performance review schedules with automatic reminders for all parties involved in the review

Set Up Goals to Keep Everyone Focussed

Employee Goals are a great way to align your team and keep motivation high

  • When employees know exactly what their goals are, they are far more likely to focus their efforts in the best way possible
  • Flexible Goal configuration allows them to be expressed as a;
    • Number - Tracks progress towards a numeric goal (e.g. the number of orders processed this month)
    • Currency - Tracks progress towards a monetary amount (e.g. a sales target)
    • Counter - Records how many times something is achieved (e.g. the number of times public transport was used to get to work)
    • Percentage - Shows a progress bar from 0 to 100% (e.g. how much of a course has been completed)
    • Objective - Denotes whether a goal has been achieved or not (e.g. project completion or training attendance)
  • Goals can be used with Performance Reviews or completely separately

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Efficient and Flexible Goal Setting

Configure goals the way that suits your company and your team

Goal Settings
  • Assign goals to employees or let them create their own
  • Set deadlines on goals
  • Setup goals individually, or create goals for multiple people
  • Create goal templates with a defined set of goals for specific groups
  • Progress towards company defined goals can be viewed in an aggregate level, with the ability to see how individual employees are contributing towards this

Put Your Team in the Driver’s Seat

Make it easy to involve your team in their reviews and goals

Updating Goal
  • Employees can access their Performance Reviews through the Employee Self Service Portal
  • Settings control which inputs the employee can view - their own, their managers, and/or their colleagues inputs
  • Allow employees to update progress towards their goals and add notes

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