HR Partner Features…

Everything you need to manage your HR records and processes

A complete HR system to make your job easier

Here’s what you get when you sign up to HR Partner…

Employee Records

Our employee management software keeps your employee information in one safe, secure place.

  • Employee directory with contact details everyone can access
  • Confidential storage of positions and remuneration, performance reviews, discussions and grievances
  • Easily store records for employees working from home or located across multiple offices - even internationally
  • Plus, leave records, asset tracking, training, skills, and a lot more

Leave Management

A leave management process that makes it easy for everyone.

  • Employees access their balances and apply for leave through the portal
  • Simple but flexible leave approvals (including multi-level approvals)
  • Use upfront or incremental leave accruals, resetting, waiting periods and more options
  • Check the leave calendar to see who is away when - show by location, department or the whole organization

Onboarding Checklists

Set up checklists for onboarding, off-boarding, training or anything else - all within our employee management software.

  • Create a simple list of items for employees to check off (without an avalanche of paperwork!)
  • One place for employees to access materials to read, documents to sign, documents to upload, videos to watch, and more
  • Assign tasks to other team members (eg IT, HR, managers, etc)

Performance Reviews & Goals

Seamless performance appraisals & goal tracking to keep everyone focussed.

  • Create your own reusable performance review forms to set up performance appraisals that are easy for everyone
  • Collect input from the employee, their manager, specific colleagues, or any combination of these
  • Watch employee performance shine with goals kept top of mind
  • Set up employee goals to keep everyone focussed - allow employees to add their own, or assign these in bulk
  • Goals can be used with Performance Reviews or completely separately

Recruitment & Applicant Tracking

No need for a separate ATS, our employee management software includes recruitment tools that let you manage the flow of applicants.

  • Publish your jobs online through your own job portal (or push to job boards through our integrations)
  • Use a custom application form to speed up application screening
  • Use a Kanban style tracking system to easily move candidates across different stages of the application process
  • Bulk email candidates using your custom email templates
  • Invite other admins or even employees to be part of the selection panel
  • Use custom scorecards to evaluate your candidates

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Custom Forms

Create custom forms to collect information from your team members.

  • Start from our library of templates, then customize to suit your company
  • It’s easy to build your forms using the form designer
  • Make forms available for employees to complete via the Employee Portal, assign forms to specific employees, or include forms in checklists
  • Core employee data can be linked directly to the employee’s records
  • Export your form data to a CSV file for further analysis in a spreadsheet (eg for surveys)

Expense Claims

Do your employees need to submit expense claims for travel, meals, mileage, telephone costs or other items? It's included with HR Partner...

  • Employees can easily submit their expense claims through the employee portal, along with scanned receipts
  • Easy review and approval process for designated managers
  • Ability to define your own cost categories for better tracking

Electronic Signatures

Integrated electronic signing to complete your HR processes - all within your employee management software.

  • Let your employees, job applicants, or even people outside your organization sign documents electronically
  • No need to print or scan - everything is online
  • Reduce paper usage, increase security, and streamline your processes

Employee Portal

When you use HR Partner as your employee management software, your team members can access everything they need via the self-service portal.

  • The easiest way for employees to check their leave balances and submit leave requests
  • Access to the employee directory and org chart
  • Access the company document library, news and more
  • Allow employees to manage and update their own profile details (and receive notifications when they do)
  • Control what employees can see

Payroll & Other Integrations

HR Partner integrates with the best tools to further streamline your HR processes.

  • If you use Xero for payroll, this integration allows you to manage leave in HR Partner and keep leave balances in sync between the two platforms
  • Import your employees directly from KeyPay
  • Use the Slack integration to get real-time HR data, directly from Slack
  • Publish your job positions published directly to Indeed and Talent.com
  • See your HR calendar information (such as leave, birthdays or job interviews) in Google Calendar or Outlook
  • More integrations coming

Plus a Lot More!

Hundreds more features to streamline your HR processes

  • Timesheets allow employees to enter their hours worked via the Employee Portal
  • The organizational chart and company calendar let everyone know what’s happening
  • Team communication has never been easier
  • Give employees access to the documents they need in the Document Library
  • HR reports for printing or exporting
  • Flexible user permissions, complete data security, support you can rely on, and more

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