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The modern HRIS that saves you time.

Save time & keep everything in one place.

The #1 cloud HRIS for busy HR staff & employees who want to save time.

Employee Onboarding

Manage employee details without spreadsheets. Store training procedures & position history.

Track PTO & Leave

Let employees easily request time off online. HR Partner will keep track of PTO and vacation days for you.

Employee Records

Keep all of your employee information in one place and easily access it anytime (from any device).

Self-Service Portal

Give employees access to their very own self-service portals to find the answers they need.

employee leave management

Manage leave & absences without spreadsheets.

Manage your company's time-off requests securely in the cloud. Avoid manual error by keeping track of employee leave and absences and setting reminders.

Save time by letting employees submit leave requests. Managers can easily approve or deny requests & transfer existing leave balances.

employee onboarding software

Save time with digital employee records.

Keep employee records all in one place (without the chaos).

Keep up-to-date employee records & easily access them without wasting time sorting through paper files or spreadsheets.

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change HRIS migration

Transition without the hassle.

Whether you're migrating from an existing solution or adopting cloud HR software for the first time, we've got you covered every step of the way.

Worried about getting started & want extra help importing employees or leave balances to the system? Don't worry, we're here to help you get up & running smoothly — just ask about our onboarding packages.

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invite HR staff

Invite other admins to help manage the system.

Will other staff members be managing the system with you? All plans come with unlimited admin users at no extra cost so that you can easily invite other managers & staff to help.

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Employee Self-Service Portal

Let your employees log on and find what they need in their self-service portals — anywhere, on any device.

Onboarding (Full-Time, Part-Time & Contract)

Upload employee training documents and contracts in seconds. Avoid manual errors and keep everything organized. Works for full-time employees, part-time employees, and contractors.

Access Control

Easily control what staff can or can't see. Invite admin users and customize their access levels.

Leave & Absence Management

Simple employee leave & time off management with easy approvals. Track days off without spreadsheets.

Performance Reviews

Create new performance evaluations (or upload past reviews). Set reminders for upcoming reviews.

Connect to Your Payroll System

Searching for HR software that integrates with your payroll system? Look no further! We integrate with Xero and can work with you to integrate with other systems.

Timesheets Add-On

Let employees submit timesheets online for approval. Export the data to your external payroll system.

Grievance Tracking

Keep track of employee grievances and pull them up at any time. Set smart reminders for upcoming actions.

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