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Take the pain out of time off, recruitment & employee records.

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Say goodbye to cumbersome spreadsheets & paper files forever.

#1 Cloud HRIS for modern employee records, recruitment & time off management.

Employee Records

Keep all of your employee information in one place. Customize your options without extra work by adding custom fields.

Track Time Off & Leave

Let employees easily request time off online. HR Partner will keep track of sick days and vacation for you.

Hire Top Talent — Faster.

Take the pain out of hiring with cloud recruitment. Create custom hiring workflows & collaborate with your team to select top candidates.

Self-Service Portal

Employee-friendly & easy to use on any device. Delight your employees with a great experience.

employee leave management

Manage time off without spreadsheets.

Manage your company's time-off requests securely in the cloud. Avoid manual error by keeping track of employee leave and absences and setting reminders.

Save time by letting employees submit leave requests. Managers can easily approve or deny requests & transfer existing leave balances.

HRIS software

Save time with digital employee records.

Are your employee personnel records currently spread between confusing spreadsheets and paper files? Now you can keep everything all in one place and in the cloud (without the chaos).

Keep up-to-date employee records & easily access them without wasting time sorting through paper files or spreadsheets. Flexible & super customizable.

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change HRIS migration

Take the pain out of hiring.

Save time by publishing your open jobs online. Find your next great new hire in half the time and get more quality applications so that you never have to look at an empty application queue again.

Create custom hiring workflows, collaborate with your team, and create job applicant scorecards to help evaluate candidates.

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HR help

World-Class Support

Need help getting started or have questions for our team? We're ready to help!

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Employee Self-Service Portal

Let your employees find onboarding documents & update their information with ease — anywhere, on any device.

Employee Records (Full-Time, Part-Time & Contract)

Store employee records and contracts in seconds. Set reminders and keep everything in one place. Track benefits and employee details like position history, contact information & more. The possibilities are endless!

Access Control

Easily control what staff can or can't see. Invite admin users and customize their access levels.


Publish your job listings online & review applicants while collaborating with your team seamlessly.

Time Off Management

Simple employee leave & time off management with easy approvals. Track days off without spreadsheets.

Connect to Your Payroll System

Searching for HR software that integrates with your payroll system? Look no further! We integrate with Xero and can work with you to integrate with other systems.

Timesheets Add-On

Let employees submit timesheets online for approval. Export the data to your external payroll system.

Grievance Tracking

Keep track of employee grievances and pull them up at any time. Set smart reminders for upcoming actions.

Calendar Sync

Connect to iCalendar: Sync with Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar to view who's in/out of the office, birthdays, upcoming reminders & more!

Benefit Tracking

Keep all of your existing benefit plan information in one place so that you never forget the benefit types each employee has.

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"I have used many HR systems and have to say this one really is easy to use and has all the features I need. It can grow with my team and it is flexible enough to cover any changes or updates in my organization. Your team's responsiveness and feature additions have made this a go-to app for my HR needs. Thank you!"

-Jim, Formcode Creative


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