Vacation & Sick Time Tracking Software

Easily track employee vacation and sick time without spreadsheets.

vacation and sick time tracking software

Track Sick Time

If you're tired of relying on spreadsheets or paper files to keep track of employee sick leave at your company, you can start saving time with cloud HR.

Easily view and manage these tedious tasks with vacation and sick time tracking software so that you and your employees can find the information you need right away.

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vacation time tracking software

Track Vacation Days

Track your employee's vacation days and paid time off without a hitch. Let your employees submit vacation requests to their managers (with the option of inviting multiple managers).

Managers and employees can easily view who is on vacation at any time, empowering staff to find the answers they need without delay (saving you time).

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Generate Vacation & Sick Leave Reports

If you're currently spending hours of time manually creating vacation and sick time reports for your company, think about how much time you could save if you were able to generate these reports in seconds.

With HR Partner, you can create a wide variety of custom vacation, absence, and sick leave reports at your company quickly, helping you win your day back.

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Vacation Days

Manage employee vacation

Sick Days

Record absences


Works on any device


Generate sick leave reports

Finally, Everything You Need in One Place

With HR Partner, you can use one tool for vacation and sick day tracking, employee records, recruitment, and instant reports. Plus, you can invite managers of other departments in your company to help manage the process and save time company-wide.

If you're tracking employee time off with spreadsheets, emails, sticky notes or paper files, you can say goodbye to lost time by implementing our cloud HR software which helps you manage everything in one simple place (without the headache).

With this tool, you can always see who is on vacation with your company absence/leave calendar. You can even give other managers and employees access to the calendar based on the rules you set in the system.

Let managers approve their department's vacation requests, with automatic notifications which are handled seamlessly by the system.

As an admin, you can set vacation and sick (or any other) leave balances for your employees and the software will automatically deduct time from an employee's balance once they have taken holiday. No time wasted, no hassle.

If you enable employee self-service, your employees can login and view their time off balances, see a record of their days off and make vacation requests, eliminating work on your end and helping your employees find the answers they need.

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Overview of Benefits

  • Easily track employee sick time, absences, and vacation days
  • Access to a company absence calendar (automatically populated)
  • Integration with Google Calendar and Outlook
  • Employee self-service option for easy approval
calendar integrations employee vacation software


If you currently use an external calendar system to know who is out of the office, we offer both Google Calendar and Outlook integrations to make things even easier for you.

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