Vacation Records Software for Employees

vacation records software for employees

Employee Vacation Time in One Place

All businesses at some point experience HR bottlenecks, and one of those challenges is accurately keeping track of employee vacation time in one place. With vacation records software for employees, you can save time and focus on what you do best.

Using a web tool for vacation records and time off tracking can help you finally eliminate manual error and will give you more time in the day. Our tool will help you with: Employee time off balances, employee vacation calendars, seeing who is on vacation, routing vacation requests to managers, setting up automatic vacation policies in the system, and automatic accrual. This means no more time-consuming spreadsheets, emails, overlapping vacation days, or lost vacation requests!


Works for Both Managers & Employees

Simply check off whether or not you want to give employees the ability to submit vacation requests through the system. If this is enabled, you can also have it automatically route any and all vacation requests directly to their manager.

Managers are notified the moment a vacation request comes in, and they can easily see if any other employees will be out of the office during that time and approve or deny the request in seconds.

What Leave Types Can I Track?

-Annual Leave

-Sick Leave & Absences

-Personal Leave

-Any other type of absence (you can create your own leave types!)

Eliminate Annoying Vacation Day Overlap, Lost Vacation Requests & Headache

Have you ever had to search through spreadsheets or old emails to calculate an employee's vacation balance? Or have two of your key employees ever taken time off at the same time without knowing beforehand?

It's time to say goodbye to these time-consuming tasks. Whether you're an HR manager or a small business owner, we have a plan to suit your needs.


Start Saving Time & With Easy HR

...Integrates With Your Favorite Tools:


Free 7-Day Trial

Can I use the software on my phone?

Absolutely! You can use the software on any devic, wherever you may be. Both managers and employees can login to their accounts when they're on the go.

We offer highly secure, military-grade cloud encryption through our cloud servers.

How does your pricing work?

We offer simple monthly plans ranging from $100/month to $250/month depending on the size of your business. In addition to vacation management, this includes employee self-service, document storage, and digital employee records. For more details on our pricing, you can scope out our pricing page here.

Do you offer support?

Yes, all customers (and trial users) receive interactive live chat support. This means our customers receive instant support. If we're away, we always reply within 1 business day. In addition, extensive online help documentation and premium training packages are available.

What's the next step? Can I learn more?

To learn more and explore the software, you can sign up for a trial version (no credit card required) by clicking the orange "free trial" button.