All-in-One Staff Vacation Calendar

As any company grows, managing things like employee vacation time and time off requests can cost a great deal of time. If you've ever forgotten that a staff member was on vacation or run into the common problem of two key employees going on vacation at the same time, then you know how stressful not having a smart staff vacation calendar can be. 

That's where HR Partner comes in. With an all-in-one HRIS that includes an employee vacation calendar and time off management, you don't have to worry.

staff vacation calendar

Simple Employee Vacation Tracking

Whether you'd like to track annual vacation time, sick leave, or any other type of leave, we make it easy for you to set up and track different types of time off that are unique to your company.

Every busy company runs into the time-consuming challenge of having to keep close track of employee absences and vacation, which can lead to manual error, forgotten dates, and wasted time.

Now you can toss all of that manual work away and let HR Partner take care of it for you. Whether you need to run automatic time off calculations or accruals, the system can handle your unique requirements with ease (and you can get up and running right away; no need for I.T.)!

See who is on vacation quickly & easily

Easily see which employees are on vacation at any given time, and grant your staff the ability to see who is on leave.

If you want to ensure multiple employees don't take vacation at the same time, they can simply check their department time off calendar to see who has time off planned in the future. That way, there is no more confusion or overlapping vacation days!

Keep your staff's vacation information in one place

Tired of relying on a combination of spreadsheets, email exchanges, and verbal time off approvals?

You're not alone — in fact, far from it. Many growing companies experience these same exact bottlenecks surrounding employee vacation management.

HR Partner can help you solve this problem by giving you and your employees an easy, all-in-one vacation tracking system. This means that you can finally keep everything you need in one place (and free up time).

Integrates with Google Calendar & Outlook

Does your company use Google Calendar, Outlook, or Apple Calendar?

You can easily integrate and sync your work calendar to your HR Partner staff holiday calendar in minutes so that you never miss a thing.

Time-Saving Absence Reports

Generate absence reports in seconds and pull information like who was out of the office last week, a list of employees who were absent this month, absence trends, and much more. Keep a pulse on your business and get a heads up on what's going on with your employees.

Automate Vacation Carryover & Accrual

If you find yourself having to constantly update employee vacation balances and accruals, this tool can help save you time with automatic accrual and carryover rules. All of these calculations are run in the background for you (so that you don't have to worry).


Vacation Tracking Calendar

Simple, straightforward online software that can handle your staff's vacation records with ease, helping you free up time to focus on other aspects of the business.


Simple Absence Planner

The user-friendly staff leave planner allows your employees to submit time off requests to their manager, HR, or both. In addition, employees can view their available vacation time.


Leave & Time Off Calculator

If you're currently calculating employee time off manually or using tedious spreadsheets, you'll love how much time you can save with HR Partner's automatic time off accruals.

Simple Pricing & Setup

Our monthly plans were made for small businesses and start at $100 USD/month for ten employees, and go up based on company size. Try it out with a free trial to check out the system today.

HR Partner reviews

"I have used many HR systems and have to say this one really is easy to use and has all the features I need. It can grow with my team and it is flexible enough to cover any changes or updates in my organization."

-Jim Worth, President @ Formcode Creative Group