PTO Software in the Cloud

As any business grows, it becomes increasingly more difficult to manage tasks like paid time off with paper files and spreadsheets. Things get lost in the shuffle. Vacation days are forgotten. All of these mistakes add up and are both costly and time-consuming for staff. Easy-to-use PTO tracking software can help you and your entire company save time and streamline your HR bottlenecks.  
With paid time off software, you can keep everyone in your company on the same page. The system will do all of the hard work for you, freeing up time in your workweek so that you can do what you love.  

PTO tracking software

Track Paid Time Off (Without Wasting Time)

If you're struggling to keep accurate records of your staff's paid time off and vacation (or the information you need is scattered across multiple channels), then you know just how much time it can take to manage.


This means you can run your HRIS employee database software in the cloud while still setting up Australia-friendly rules in relation to time off and employee leave settings. Best of all, it was made with small and medium businesses in mind.


What are the benefits of a cloud HR system?


While for many years, HR systems were only accessible to large enterprises, this has changed in recent years for the better. HR tools are now a viable, affordable option for small businesses in Australia, and are no longer exclusively for enterprise companies. Thanks to the rise of user-friendly cloud technology, small and medium businesses are now able to enjoy the many benefits of employee database software as well.


If your organisation relies on a combination of paper files, time-consuming email, and spreadsheets, a quality HR system can help keep everything you need in one place (no more HR chaos).


With everything you need in one place, you no longer have to worry about missed interviews, forgotten deadlines, or errors brought on by tedious manual entry. In turn, you can free up time and focus on what you do best. Plus, your manager and employees will be happy to find the answers they need!


Will my employees be able to use the system?


Yes! The best HR systems are those that are truly employee-friendly and encourage employee use.


What does this mean, exactly?


Well, for starters, a great human resource management system should have an employee self-service (ESS) option that is mobile-frinedly.


Next, it should also offer simple time off and leave management. This way, employees can easily see how much leave they have available and submit leave requests to their manager for approval. Managers should be able to easily view employee leave balances and complete absence history.


In addition, employees should have the ability to see who in their department is currently on leave (or whether they have planned leave). That way, everyone is on the same page and managers don't have to worry about employees scheduling leave the same week or overlapping.


All in all, in order to save time, it's important that your system covers all the essentials and can manage all aspects of core HR (recruiting, onboarding, performance, document storage, renewable document reminders, leave requests, and reports). By having everything in one place and eliminating annoying HR bottlenecks, you can finally free up time and do your best work.



If your company's employee records are currently stored in an Excel spreadsheet or a file cabinet, you'll love how much easier things are to find with a digital, secure HRIS.


Auto Leave Accrual

Is managing employee vacation and leave becoming a time-consuming pain? HR Partner runs automatic leave calculations and accruals baked in to save you time. No more spreadsheets!


Self-Service for Employees

Give your employees the ability to see how much leave they have available and submit leave requests to their managers with ease, saving much-needed time across your whole organisation.

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"Not only is fabulous, but it's truly functional and affordable too. For starters, it took me less than an hour to set-up." -Juhi King, HR Consultant @ HR Tech Girl (Australia)

Monthly plans start at $100/month, and are based on company size. To view full pricing, visit our homepage.