All-In-One HRIS for Small Companies

Human Resource Management System for Small Business

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Human resources software for small business

Take the chaos out of HR.

Small companies everywhere face wasted time and resources as they grow — piles of paper, missed deadlines, plus onboarding and recruitment mistakes.

Is your small business sick of losing time to these administrative nightmares?

Then it's time to free up time so that you can do what you do best.

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Everything In One Place

Are you tired of searching through spreadsheets, emails, and paper files to find things like employee information, company documentation, vacation balances? Are you keeping tedious lists of job applicants and finding it difficult to manage?

HR Partner provides an all-in-one HR system for small companies so that you can keep everything you need in one place.

Hassle-Free Employee Time Off Tracking

Are you currently tracking employee time off manually? With HR Partner, your employees can submit vacation requests and view their available vacation balance through the HR system.

Managers can automatically track employee vacation time without having to keep spreadsheets or make calculations manually (as well as generate reports).

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Made for Small Businesses

While there are many HR systems on the market built exclusively for large enterprise companies (often requiring significant setup fees and large $30,000+/year contracts), HR Partner is committed to serving small and medium businesses and removing the hassle (and hefty price tag) for you.

In other words, you can scope the software out with a free trial as soon as today (and easily onboard your team). Not only is the software user-friendly and easy for both employees and administrators to use, but it's affordable and made specifically for growing small businesses like yours.

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Simple Monthly Pricing

Pricing starts at $100/month for 10 employees, and varies based on company size. View our homepage for more information.

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