Easy-to-Use Employee Database Software

As a growing business, HR and administrative work is taking up more and more of your time and resources. Even worse, too often you're dealing with irritating spreadsheets, missed deadlines, and mountains of paper files. You're wondering if employee database software may be the answer, but are curious how long it will take you to get up and running. 

Change is closer than you might think. With HR Partner's all in one online employee database software, you can finally free up time and focus on what matters most in your business. 

Unlike enterprise software tools, HR Partner was built for small and medium businesses and is completely web-based and therefore easy to get up and running.

employee database software

How much more could you accomplish if you eliminated HR bottlenecks?

A huge number of growing businesses experience HR bottlenecks at some point in time, resulting in missed employee reviews and interviews, expired renewable documents, scattered employee records, and scattered files.

Employee database software can help you keep everything you need in one place, and will automatically remind you of items that need to be reviewed (so that you can focus on what you do best).

Take your business (and your HR) to the next level by getting rid of time-consuming HR bottlenecks. Plus, delight new hires and employees!


Employee Database Software

Is your company's crucial employee information currently spread between spreadsheets, paper files, emails, or sticky notes? If so, then you'll wonder how you ever lived without cloud-based employee database software!


Employee Personnel HR Files

Do you have renewable documents for your employees? How about company handbooks, performance reviews, or other operational documents? Well, you can store all of it in HR Partner and set timely reminders. Never miss a thing.


Employee Self-Service

Keep your new hires and current employees happy by equipping them with the tools they need. With self-service, employees can login on any device to view company files, vacation/time off balances, contact and address, and more.

No Setup Fees. Simple Monthly Pricing.

Our flexible monthly plans start at $100/month for 10 employees, and go up to $200 for one hundred employees. Whether you're a small startup or a medium business, we've got a plan for you! You can always try a free trial to explore the system first.