Employee Absence Management Software

absence management software

Track Employee Absences

With easy absence management software, you can track any type of employee absence without the need for spreadsheets.

HR managers and business owners can easily record absences, or employees can be given the option to submit time off requests through employee self-service.

vacation tracking calendar

Vacation Tracking Calendar

Are you looking for a team vacation calendar? With HR Partner, managers and HR can see who is on vacation and view upcoming time off — along with the option to sync everything to Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar.

You can also give your team the ability to see the vacation tracking calendar so that they know who is in and out.

Manage ANY Type of Leave

It's crucial that an absence management system be easy to use so that employees are able to learn and adopt the software without interrupting their day-to-day work, which is why we created HR Partner with HR managers and employees in mind. After all, HR software should save you time (not waste time) and be simple to use!

Customize your options and track any leave type: Vacation, sick leave, absences, personal days, plus any other type of time off that you would like to keep track of at your company. If you can think of it, it's possible.

In terms of user and employee experience, our cloud absence management and HR tool is easy to navigate and intuitive.

Your company can invite managers as administrative users of the system and you can easily edit and customize access rights based on their role.

If you choose to use employee self-service, your employees will be able to logon from any device to view their past absences and vacation balances with ease (no more long email threads or digging through spreadsheets to provide the answers they need). Both managers and employees will have everything they need in one clean, user-friendly dashboard!

In addition to managing absences, this web software allows you to manage employee records, recruit, and generate reports in seconds, winning you back much-needed time. Rather than having to use multiple HR tools to manage different parts of your business processes (many of which don't communicate well together), HR Partner empowers you to manage a broad range of tasks in one easy-to-use tool.

Benefits of the Software

-Managers can add sick leave, vacation & any other leave type
-View an employee vacation tracking calendar to see who's in and out
-Create custom company-wide holidays with multiple office locations
-Say goodbye to spreadsheets once and for all!
SaaS HR solution

Flexible Absence Tracking for HR

Along with all of the standard absence types like vacation, and sick days, you can add custom leave types and modify the default options to match your company's needs.

In addition, you can set company-wide holidays in the system and also enter custom holidays per office location worldwide.

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