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vet tech job description

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Job Responsibilities

Animals require specific care, and a veterinary technician will play a major role in helping to provide said care. If you are qualified to work in the veterinary industry, then this role could be perfect for you!

A veterinary technician is an expert who looks to administer care to animals. By diagnosis of the animal and its underlying condition via physical examination and diagnostic management, your role will be to help bring any animal brought into the surgery into a state of recovery.

This role requires the individual to be fluent in diagnostic process and procedure; to fully understand their requirements during an animal operation; to help feed and care for the animals pre and post-operation; keeping a close eye on supply levels to ensure treatment is always available and maintaining all relevant records to do with the animal in question.

Vet Tech Job Duties

  • Understanding and arranging the requirements of each animal brought to the surgery via diagnostic analysis, interviews with owners and examinations with the pet.
  • Arranging animal care by looking at vital signs; handling samples; implementing medication; issuing bandages for physical wounds as well as, when needed, issuing hydrotherapy or physical-based therapy.
  • Supporting all operations by ensuring that supplies and equipment are arranged for the surgery to take place. Also will be expected to set up table instruments, to care for and restrain animals when needed.
  • Delivering anaesthetic when needed and taking control of anaesthetic machines; dealing with ECG monitoring and placement of catheters and management of clean-up after the surgery is complete.
  • Look after the animals pre and post-care; clean rooms and equipment; swapping and maintaining cages and looking for any signs of contagion or disease.
  • Improve and care for the working environment using sterilizing equipment and safety wrapping to avoid environmental break-down; regular sanitization of the working area; verifying the safe usage of drugs and other equipment.
  • Keep supplies in the right location and ensure that stock is as full as it needs to be; calling for re-supply as and when needed.
  • Maintaining a professional decorum towards veterinary care; reading manuals, attending lectures and engaging with educational material to learn about the latest innovations in animal care.
  • Keep a close record of all equipment and animal records to both help keep grasp of stock and to ensure that every operation and activity is recorded for future reference and education.
  • Manage all equipment used on-premises, with regular testing to ensure efficiency is still in place; verifying required for repairs or carrying out preventative care to keep operational lifespan; ordering replacements and repairs when equipment is no longer at full operational capacity.
  • Keep senior staff informed of any updates with regards to high risk animals on-premises.
  • Improve the reputation of the veterinarians by accepting responsibility, taking initiative and dealing with new tasks vital to the care of animals. Requires a working knowledge of animal behavioural traits, husbandry, analysis, clinical skills, environmental knowledge for creating a safer working environment and an understanding of safe diagnosis.

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