Slack HR integration

Your smart HR assistant, in Slack.

Connect your HR Partner account to Slack

If you use HR Partner to manage your HR, you can quickly find out who's in and out of the office (and when they get back), who has a birthday coming up, and receive HR Partner reminders directly within Slack. Stay up to date and save time, anywhere.

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Free up much-needed time

save time HR  

You've got a million things to think about, so why not free up some time for you and your team by asking an HR bot for Slack any time-sensitive questions?


Here's how it works:

Sign up for a trial or paid HR Partner account


Sign in to your Slack team


Follow the instructions to link Slack to your HR Partner account

It's simple! Just sign up for an HR Partner plan (or trial) to get started.

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Get answers to common HR questions — fast.

See who's on leave quickly (local or remote)

In Slack, you and your team can ask whether or not a staff member is in the office. You'll receive an automatic answer in just seconds.

Find out when an employee will be back in the office

If John Doe is out on leave, your team can ask when he gets back and receive an instant answer. No more back-and-forth emails or uncertainty!

Discover upcoming HR Partner reminders

Never forget a deadline by asking your HR bot about upcoming reminders. Whether you're leading a performance review or meeting with an employee, HR bot will remember your upcoming tasks to give you peace of mind.

View upcoming birthdays

Know that you'll always remember employee birthdays by asking who has a birthday coming up. You'll get a response in seconds!

Not an HR Partner user? Try a free trial. (No credit card required)