Track leave & employee absences

Let's face it: You're busy managing talent and keeping the company running, so having to manually track employee leave can be time-consuming (not to mention, it's just another thing you have to remember).

Want to free up time instead?

That's where HR Partner comes in. Enjoy the all-in-one portal where you can manage leave requests for your team. Employees can submit leave requests, and you'll automatically be notified so that you can approve or deny requests in seconds.

Digital Employee Records (Without Spreadsheets)

Approve/deny leave requests

Manage employee leave requests quickly and conveniently. Stay organized and up-to-date.

Employee self-service

Employees get access to a self-self portal where they can submit time off requests. No hassle.

Digital employee records

Keep track of employee details without paper files or spreadsheets.

HRIS in the cloud

Access your HR portal anytime, on any device. Stay on track without having to remember.

  • "Our manual employee records and documents were spiraling out of control. HR Partner has helped us link all this information together and has allowed us to see the big picture of our human resource investment."

    Alison W - Australia
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Pricing starts at $8/employee/month.
Unlimited admin users.

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