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Job Responsibilities

Construction projects tend to run with very particular end-game goals, budgets and timelines.

As a construction estimator, it’s your job to help make sure that estimates provided for completion and cost are as accurate as possible. Controlling costs, limiting and minimizing the cost of the project and clear surveillance of the requirements of the job are just some of the major roles you’ll need to undertake as a construction estimator.

The role of a construction estimator is a significant one. You will be responsible for making sure that all projects are controlled accordingly. The cost of a project matters a great deal, and it’s down to you to ensure that projects are controlled.

Construction costs have to be as close to the full price as is possible. Trust in a construction firm comes down to accuracy of the process as well as the cost. You will be responsible for developing a clear plan of action, collecting and studying information about the cost requirements involved in a particular job.

By looking at the cost of materials to labour and specialist hire, you are responsible for delivering a clear estimate for the role. This role requires an extensive understanding of cost control, working within a budget and clear, thorough delivery of the information expected.

The role will always force you to be responsible for the delivery of this information. Through extensive research, you’ll be expected to detail accurately the full likely cost of any construction project.

From developing budgets to forging long-term relationships with contractors and vendors, the role of construction estimator requires developed analytical, personal and reporting skills to succeed.

Construction Estimator Job Duties

  • You’ll be expected to prepare work that is to be accomplished by gathering a clear list of prioritized information.
  • A construction estimator is expected to develop a clear in-budget plan by looking at previous construction plans, surveying present specifications and developing a fully costing program for each part of the process.
  • Develop a clear evaluation of the likelihood for costing changes, financial requirements and detail any potential additions that could become required in the long-term.
  • Bring in bids from vendors and contractors, looking at specific materials, finding qualified specialists to take on the job and negotiating the fair cost with the subcontractors for taking on the role.
  • Maintain cost keys and price masters by developing a clear information that will be used to help create a thorough summary for the role.
  • Prepare analytical reports that shows costs, analysis pathways and clear summaries of all information and present trends used to inform the analysis.
  • Maintain and improve quality services by following the clear operational standards set out by the organization in question.
  • Form a pathway of communication for all divisions to work together, documenting and communicating all actions, needs and opportunities involved in the construction project.
  • Develop a professional understanding of workshops, publications and professional networks within the construction industry to stay on top of industry standards and movements long-term.
  • Work as part of a team to help ensure the results of any construction role can be adhered to and met at all times.

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