Barista Job Description

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barista job description

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Barista Job Skills

The barista is responsible for creating a friendly, enlightening cafe experience and assisting customers by providing coffee and tea recommendations and crafting drinks.

The barista is the face of the company, eager to help customers, and is also committed to maintaining a clean and welcoming work environment. While the barista is an excellent communicator and loves spending time with customers, they are also comfortable problem-solving and are self-starters.

We strive to provide our cafe customers with an exceptional customer service experience when they enter the store, and as such, it is the barista's responsibility to greet customers and invite them to try different coffee brews and inform customers of ongoing store promotions.

As a coffee roaster, we take pride in our coffee creations and are constantly innovating. We're seeking forward-thinking baristas with a desire to make great, memorable coffee. Often, we are the first stop for a customer on any given day, and therefore we're committed to brewing coffee that makes our customers' days and creates a lasting, positive impression.

Job Duties

  • Helps customers by providing coffee and tea recommendations
  • Educates customers on the differences between the different roasts
  • Cleans equipment
  • Complies with health regulations
  • Restocks coffee and utensils when needed
  • Takes orders at the counter
  • Possesses great communication skills
  • Capable of using an espresso machine (or is willing to be trained)
  • Occasionally brainstorms new flavor combinations
  • Thrives in a team environment
  • Presents any urgent matters that may arise to the manager
  • Addresses customer concerns in a timely manner
  • Delights customers with an excellent customer support experience from the moment they enter the store

Requirements: A high school diploma is preferred, however, it is not an absolute requirement. While previous coffee-making or service industry experience and/or training is also a plus, it is not required for this job and we are willing to train the right candidate on the skills required for this position. We are an equal opportunity employer.

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